Mark Sanger

My work centres on the turning and sculpting of forms in native and home grown timbers to which I may add texture, colour, mixed media and found objects. Inspiration for my work comes from the shapes, textures and colours found in nature within my local environment as well as walking in woodland, the countryside, visits to the coast, and other places of interest.

More often than not I can be found with my trusty camera collecting images of lichen, tree bark, insects and other interesting objects which I studied in fine detail to use as reference within a piece.

Far Eastern culture and philosophy also influence the forms and composition of my work and on many occasions the meaning behind each piece. With each sculptural piece I produce I hope to imbue a depth of meaning beyond that of the physical form alone to add further interest and connection with the viewer.

I may start with an initial idea but I believe each piece should evolve in the ‘here and now’ until completion. To this end I keep my mind open and receptive to changes along the way, giving me total freedom, often an unexpected change can lead to a new creative idea and for me is the difference between freedom of expression and constraint. For this reason rarely in my sculptural work will you see two pieces the same as each has its own personality expressing my own feelings at the time of working.

**Mark is currently working on some pieces for an exhibition and so we'll look forward to introducing some new work here again soon.

Mark Sanger

Commission Work from Mark Sanger

Commissioning a piece of work is really exciting – it is a chance to have something made especially for you and an opportunity to really engage in the creative process.

Perhaps you need accessories to go with a particular outfit or a piece of furniture to fit a specific space in your home. We can work with you to design something truly unique. You’ll be able to discuss your ideas, likes and dislikes with the Maker and together create a piece of craft, handmade for you.

Mark Sanger

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