Janine Pope

**Janine is moving studios and working on a new collection. Her work will be available to order again soon.

I am a textile artist based in a South Northamptonshire village where I work from my home studio drawing, designing and stitching. My work is about imagination, memories and childhood narratives and is greatly influenced by the visual experience of observing life when I am in Denmark, Norfolk and the South West of England.

I sketch and use these images to draw onto my fabric and create soft sculpture characters and pictures which are then appliqued and stitched. I also like to source old photographs, contemplating the unknown faces and their life journeys.

I use natural and vintage cottons, linens and embellishments, carefully selecting fabrics, many of which I source from antique textile fairs, particularly patched and worn which embody memories. The colour palette is important as I am constantly inspired by the distilled, muted tones of a Scandinavian landscape, reflecting my cultural heritage as well as an obsessive love of Christmas!

Janine Pope

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