Hens Teeth

My practice comes from a lifelong and deep need to make, draw, stitch and paint. I have worked specifically with vintage textiles, paper and haberdashery over the last 15 years, under the name of 'Hens Teeth Art' by Viv Sliwka.

I work spontaneously, reacting to the inspiration provoked from folk art, dogs, hares, flowers and birds and my personally sourced fabrics etc., in my purpose built garden studio in Staffordshire, UK.

I start my creative process with drawings of ideas, which are translated into print, paint, free motion machine and hand embroidery.  

Combined with textured layering up of these time worn fabrics, a little text and my signature embroidered flowers, my completed pieces tell tiny tales. 

**We'd like to thank Viv for being part of madebyhandonline for many years. Viv has a number of exciting projects ahead and so we don't have any of her work available to buy. If you have a message for Viv we will happily pass on any enquiries.**

Hens Teeth

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