Abi Higgins

I came to pottery following a career as a dancer then teacher of dance and exercise. I found that dance and pottery had many similarities as both have difficult techniques to master and take a lot of practice, so practicing throwing a pot came quite naturally to me.

I began with a weekly pottery course, then a one day a week apprentice position followed by various more focused craft and design courses. In the main, I have taught myself through experiment and practice.

When I make a pot, I try to connect with the deep subconscious state of flow, where I am totally wrapped up in the process and lose track of time. I chose porcelain clay because it is white and smooth and feels beautiful to use. Touch, feel, the three dimensionality, subtle curves and movement are all that concern me while I am throwing. I am choreographing a pot that invites the handler to turn it and look at all aspects.

I like the subtle colour of the ocean, skies and landscapes that surround me every day and influence my glazes. The colour of my celadon glaze reflects the sea and sky whilst the iron that produces the colour comes from the earth creating the subtle celadon blue brought out by the reduction atmosphere of the gas kiln. I find it important to be involved in the firing of my pots, adjusting the kiln’s temperature and atmosphere therefore contributing to the decorative end result.

I feel the need to continually develop my work, always moving on and exploring new approaches and ideas.  Having mostly fired to stoneware temperatures with long firings it has been a joy to work with the beautiful serendipitous fast, immediate process of Raku. The thrill of removing the red-hot pot from the kiln, plunging it into sawdust that ignites, engulfing the pot in flames and smoke that creates beautiful surfaces. The firing and glazing combination is never quite the same every time. Raku has a freshness and an unpredictability that makes it exciting for the maker and the onlooker. Each pot has an individuality of its own.

My materials and the unpredictable process inspires me to keep making. Clay and a throwing wheel have been the potter’s tools of choice for millennia and I feel a beautiful sense of continuity with crafts people through the centuries that have mastered and delighted in throwing pots.

Abi Higgins

Commission Work from Abi Higgins

Commissioning a piece of work is really exciting – it is a chance to have something made especially for you and an opportunity to really engage in the creative process.

Perhaps you need accessories to go with a particular outfit or a piece of furniture to fit a specific space in your home. We can work with you to design something truly unique. You’ll be able to discuss your ideas, likes and dislikes with the Maker and together create a piece of craft, handmade for you.

Abi Higgins

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